A collection of desk bound "experts" now congrugate on their own little chat board which is "moderated"by "stickyfingers".One Minute..sticky was all for supporting defamation and abuse and personal attacks on the old forum..all in the name of "free speech".Now I hear..in his new forum role..the old "free speech" argument is out..and sticky is using the ban hammer whenever he can..Wow..give a small man an even smaller bit of "power" and out go his old and demented/misguided "ideals" and "principles"..and in comes the exact same thing he complained about previously.

The smell of blatant craven hypocrisy..lingers..it was so predictable... its not sad..just funny. :)

The new forum`s mission is too..uuummm produce art work..pontificate..uummm..attack anything on the old board..obsess about what researchers do on the old board....and..produce more art work...and attack everyone...did I mention obsess about "us"..and history..Always the followers..never the..you know the drill..When I was just on their board the other night.. so I could post the next day...I noticed these pearls of revisionism on that little forum from the ever self serving sticky himself..After I post the link to this site..I assume for the sake of "honesty" the link be removed..I will not lower myself to their forum again..I cannot keep correcting some of the board members posts and lies and idiocy forever..But..No one else is their to correct sticky`s sly "games" with the truth.He is in very good company with that lot..LOL

Sticky didnt want to play..but..your actions mean...your in the game now.. :)

sticky"I have seen how they berate and persecute people that dare question the ethics and practices of the way the Admins operate"

Yup..Mr Ban Hammer speaks...how you type stuff like that without cringing..is..admirable..and a little scary..

You mean when we tried to get you to understand how trolls/abuse and defamatory comments should not be on the board and you did not get it..that bit..or the bit where trolls that were banned and you wanted them allowed back in..and then they were allowed back..they went nuts and were banned again..and you didnt say boo..or admit you were wrong(you never do)..was that the bit you were talking about..or the bit about when your friends were stalking Dean on and off the forum..and you thought that was fine..Or when your friends were in the backend/admin section posting puerile comments..and you were online in real time..watching this..and you never said anything..or did anything..Did you mean that bit.??Or the bit about how you were Pm/emailing/ringing the whole little gang of stalkers and cranks..and thought that was fine..was that the bit.?? The icing was when NW had started going feral..and there Sticky was..sending him crawling pm`s..with offers to use another private email for you to dish the dirt..I know..."out of context"...you will cry..from what we saw..out of context..your a disgrace..in context..go and stand in the corner..Dont trust him guys.. :)Yep..thats when we had the hide to dare question your ethics.. :)

sticky" "I myself was banned after being set up by an Admin because I dared to question and argue about what was happening to others..."

Oh for fuck sake...how amazing..or..Hide..meet... elephant..And I remember you posting that you quit.. :)
You set yourself up.We didnt type your inane posts..or send your pm`s(ouch)to NW.We didnt remove your spine..We didnt remove your ethics..We didnt force you to "think" of a "way out" for Dean. You know..the oh so subtle..just keep quiet about the truth DH..lie a bit..and "we" will not push you.Nice work digger..We didnt force you to phone/email the stalkers.. We didnt force you to encourage trolls..We didnt force you sit on your arse and Do NOTHING to defend your supposed friends..Read the paragraph above starting with "you mean when...".And the bit "
and argue about was happening to others."

Yep..you defended every troll and stalker..in the name of "free speech"..

sticky" "first Dean is saying that he cannot see his own hand a few inches in front of his eyes because it is so dark but can remember exact spots where the Yowie was????.."

The blatant porkies and revisionism is funny..the dumb as dishwater "analysis" is just..scary.Stick to your "art" man..and leave "analysis" to people with an IQ higher than a fruit bat...Why didnt you have the balls to ask that "question"on the board years ago..Easier to prance with a tame audience..?DH indicated it was dark...he never said anything about an exact spot..he HEARD the footsteps...how else could he know it was there...?????????????Go and pretend you dont understand that simple line....

But your not actually pretending are you..???

sticky"Steve wearing the cap states in part 2 of this clip that he was the only person there not to see it..gee if I recollect..NOBODY actually saw the bloody thing."

WHEEP,,sweet baby Jesus give me strength..Still obsessing..still cannot get anything right..Remember the comment about the fruit bat.. !!He/they..everyone...are talking about the EYESHINE.What part of that does not sink into your "brain"..????The same thing they always talked about...even Nool did..until .the teleporter(The Avatar)eeecckkk and his gang of familiars, aliens..whatever ..."convinced" him to change his story..for truth and all of that.. :)

Right..end of rant about a nobody..back to the main rant..This tiny board also has the permanently confused "sceptic in training" marius who is so shallow, he spends most of his time trying to join DH`s facebook site under assumed names.We did enjoy slam dunking him for amusement sometimes..on different boards.But its a bit like playing chess with your dog..You just know how its going to end..but the dog doesnt realise what just happened.The only decent sceptics so far...appear to be "BillTheCat" and "Opus" appeared normal at first..then he showed his real colours by letting his forum become a haven for nutcases and defamation..all in the name of science eh Opus..you mendacious little wretch...If Nightwalker acted like BillTheCat, he would not cop such a flogging.To this day,I do not believe NW is actually aware how much of a fool he makes of himself.And in all seriousness, we believe he should seek some form of mental health advise.And get a hobby..

It is going to get worse for old NW........trust me on that one.. :)